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As with everything in Maryland, Spring decided to take it’s time and prevent me from getting outside to make beer.  I tried to tough it out during the winter, but damnit, it’s just too cold to be huddled around a propane burner when I can just stockpile before the big freeze hits.  So on this very nice and breezy 70° breezy day, here I am, outside for the start of the next brewing season.  And hey, the kids will finally get some color (go vitamin K), making what I like to call Wheaticus.

Wheaticus started out as clone for Sam Adams Summer Ale.  Through trial and error, and modifying the recipe to my liking, it took on a life of it’s own, and with that, deserved a name.  Although the name implies that it is a wheat beer, it is only comprised of 39% wheat, with the rest made up of US Pale 2-Row and Crystal 20°.

Everything started off like any beginnings would, with mass chaos and lack of planning.  Although I had all of my equipment, and used it many times before, taking a couple days to check everything, re-clean all of the hidden places that seem to be never ending, and more importantly, making sure you have everything!  I was diligent about ingredients, anything I didn’t have on hand, I took note of and headed out to the local homebrew store to buy.  Come Sunday morning, I was weighing out all of my material, getting equipment in order and setting up.

As I was just about to start heating up the hot liquor tank, I noticed that all three of my propane tanks were empty…..doh!!!!!!!  So in a mad rush I ran out to find only one store in the area that had any propane left.  Remember, this is the first nice weekend we have had since the onset of winter.  It would figure that there would be a spike in propane sales.  But for all it’s worth, I found propane and learned yet another valuable lesson.  Even if you think you have everything, there will always be that one important piece that will go wrong on a great brew day.  That is just how great beer seems to be made at this household.